Dreaming High

2012-11-12 14:39:35 by Hikarian

Greetings, people of the Newgrounds!

It is once again time for some kind of update:

A few days ago I finished up my newest entry for the "Nooni Media Animation Extravaganza"-tournament, called "Dreaming High". As usual I had 3 weeks to come up with an animation, this time to the theme "long distance", and I chose to go with a "distance between dream and reality"-kind of thing. I don't think that I've ever had so much fun making an animation. I was quite fortunate. The first 4 days of the round was holidays, so I had a little extra time to work on the beginning. From there a time-consuming school project began, but luckily I was able to finish early, and so the last 3 days of the production my teacher actually ALLOWED me to animate in school - all day! It was also a lot of fun to show the process of animating to my classmates and hear their thoughts on the product.

All in all I felt like I ended up with an awesome animation, so it made me a little sad to see that it did so poorly here on NG, where as to a short like J&J which I didn't put quite as much heart into, and didn't have any actual plot is currently my highest rated video.

I know that my kind of animations may not be for the majority of Newgrounders, since parodies and randomness seems to be where it's at. I enjoy those kinds of animations as much as the next guy, but I do wish that there were a little more room for animations of a different genre at times...
I love animating and telling stories, but what's the point if no one listens? If anyone out there enjoys my animations, I only ask that you consider subscribing to my YouTube channel and perhaps help me share my videos. If you'd like.

The last round of NMAE is closing in. After that I have a ton of projects that I want to try animating.

I am also currently working on producing a series for Danish Television, so that's kind of exciting as well! Wont spoil too much before I have more details though!

Stay tuned and have a good day :)


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2012-11-12 14:50:38

Look man, don't care if 9000 people don't say "OMIGAWSH IT'S AWESOME!". If you know that there is even only one man, dog, cat, or left shoe that likes your work, do it. That's all that counts.


2012-11-12 15:11:19

4 stars ain't a bad score at all! True you're playing to kids who'd rather be looking at porn, but even serious subjects are given due consideration. Like the dude below me said, you lit up the minds of a few people who really appreciate your work :3

Hikarian responds:

When I wrote this the score was at 3.70, now it's at 4.15.... Think I'll just shut up now :P


2012-11-12 16:14:46

"Long distance" huh? Personally, I've been brought far away by that dream :D Genuine feel of liberty and sadness, with a simply beautiful art style :) Thank you !


2012-11-12 17:12:27

nice work. you have a nice touch and grace to your line work


2012-11-12 19:54:38

It is the truth that parodies and pop-culture reign supreme... and it isn't just on NG; it is everywhere. I don't see this as a bad thing though, just as reality. Remember that parodies take advantage of the fact that the origin subject has expended MILLIONS of dollars to make the average person aware of them.

All I can say is...

1) If you look at your production as "work", you have already failed. You have to love it, and the idea of making it a part of your daily life should be as natural as taking a shower or brushing your teeth. It should be to the point to where you feel a void in your chest if you don't nurture your talent.

2) The value of your work far exceeds your audience reception. Even if you think your work is absolutely terrible, you take away experience, skills, and possibly leave yourself with art assets that you may use 10+ years from now.

3) Know your audience and always be on the lookout for places that would welcome the niche style you are trying to portray. Use a specific software to create your work? See if there are forums that the software company has that you can post your work to. For example, I use Lightwave 3d, and I post my Lightwave works on the Lightwave forums. NG should never be the only place you look at... for exactly the reason you said; NG has a certain type of audience and is more receptive in some subjects in comparison to others (My guess is young-to-mid aged males primarily browse NG).

4) The amount of work it takes to get something that is unknown into the mainstream... without a lot of cash to advertise and a lot of knowledge in MANY areas requires a herculean effort that ~99.8% people aren't capable of... the other 0.01% is luck.

Just remember that not everything made off a parody was always known... there's plenty of examples out there (including this website you're looking at right now), where it was just some person working in their basement or wherever, doing what they thought was cool.

Hikarian responds:

I agree with a lot of the things you say. Thank you for the input :)


2012-11-13 09:09:50

Subscribed! Also I hope you win;) Good luck!


2012-11-15 11:30:39

I don't know if "Dreaming High" got off to a worse start than imagined, but now it is frontpaged, has 4+ stars and the lowest review rating is 3½ over 14 pages of reviews. That is impressive.

Did you expect more? ^^ Even Egoraptors Awesome Compilations, which is stuff that really caters to NG'ers, didn't do this well.

Hikarian responds:

Nah, I'm happy now that it has gotten a little more love here. At first it just seemed like it would fade away, but now things are going better than expected :)


2012-11-15 11:31:49

Hvilken serie er det forresten du skal til at animere på DK TV?


2012-12-15 22:37:11

..and now, prepare for new accolades for "Don't Look Back', deservedly so.


2012-12-17 05:12:40

Sure, why not :D?