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Hikarian's News

Posted by Hikarian - December 19th, 2016

I participated in a Danish documentary over the summer, called "Nørd Livet". The documentary is about young passionate people following their dreams and is to be broadcast on national television sometime 2017. Pretty sure I also mentioned Newgrounds and NATA in some of all the footage we filmed, so who knows? Maybe this site will get a shout-out depending on how they edit the whole thing.


All the best!

- Sif


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Posted by Hikarian - September 24th, 2016

Hi Newgrounds, how are you doing??

I'll keep it brief this time around: Tales of Zale Episode 3 is in production and I'm looking for two male voice actors to take on the role of bison and barn owl. If you're interested, check out the audtion details here: http://sifps.dk/episode-3-audition.html

In other news another Behind The Scenes (animatic) video was released today:

Aaand people can now support the continuation of the series via Patreon!


That's all for now - stay coolio.

- Sif

Posted by Hikarian - September 1st, 2016

Hello dear Newgrounders, how goes?

As to not completely lose presence on this site I thought I'd provide a little update while I'm hard at work on Tales of Zale Episode 3. To keep things short and simple; this is going to be a big one!

Diverting from the usual 6-minute format this upcoming episode will be 10 minutes long and act as a short on its own while also advancing the plot of the series. Who knows if I'll be able to continue the series in the same way that I have so far after this, so might as well make it grand!

Taking some measures to increase the quality of the production I've at long last decided to set up a Patreon page. I've long been hesitant about doing this, especially given that I share audience with many other amazing animators making use of the same platform - but for this production it seemed just right. If you're interested you're very welcome to go over there and make a pledge, or share the word around - and thank you for the support no matter what.

If it goes well I hope to be able to hire a couple of other artists to join me on this production, all adding to the quality and speed of the production. And if it doesn't I might at the very least be able to pay the amazing people who have lend their talent to Tales of Zale out of sheer passion, even if just a little bit. Bahh, money-- enough about that.


As for what's happening right now I am currently in the storyboarding phase of ToZ episode 3 and having a blast with that! It really is the season of storyboarding, cause while I'm doing this I'm releasing the animatics for the previous episodes bit by bit. So that might be something to look out for if you're interested in some behind the scenes stuff!


With that little update I'll leave you all for now. I'm very much looking forward to bringing episode 3 to Newgrounds when the time arrives - in the meanwhile, cheers!


Posted by Hikarian - May 1st, 2016

Good day people of the New Grounds, how are you?

What a month it’s been. April, which I’ve dubbed “Tales of Zale Month” sure has been a blast. You may have noticed, or you may not, but a lot of ToZ-stuff has been going around these past 30 days, celebrating the release of Episode 2 – which has now made it’s way to Newgrounds, just now, go watch it!!

Anyways, just to get ya'll up to speed, this is what's been going down: Every Friday the ToZ project members and myself have been streaming, and addition to that I've been making weekly follow-up videos. A fan-art competition has also been going on, where I've been recieving lots of amazing art from fans across the world. The results for that one will be announced this Thursday. This has all been build around the releases of weekly Tales of Zale animations that you might have noticed around Newgrounds as well. And to conclude it all is the canon continuation of the series.

Tales of Zale - Episode 2:


Tales of Zale - Minisode 3 by @dylan



Tales of Zale - Minisode 2


Anita Tang Tales of Zale - Minisode 1



There are so many people who have done an amazing job helping out on these project, and not enough time to name them all. But I'll try my best in a video to be released this Tuesday. It's really been an amazing ride.

If you're interested in seeing more, you can help out by sharing these videos around - and if you want to stay up to date there are a few options:

- Subscribe to me on YouTube

- Subscribe to the Hikarian Animations Newsletter

- Follow me on Twitter

- Follow me on Tumblr

- Like Hikarian Animations of Facebook

...As you can see I'm really trying my best with the PR this time around. Might as well when you've been working so long on a project, right?

I'd also like to take a quick moment to say, that despite the number of YouTube links in this post, I am so glad to be back on Newgrounds again. I haven't had a lot of Newgrounds-material to upload for quite a while, so I'd come to take it a bit for granted - but this site still feels so alive to me and I hope it stays that way. This really is the crib of creativity on the Internet, and continues to play a big role in my life as an animator. Many of the people I've collaborated with on this project were people I met on here. Now I'm probably gonna go quiet for a while again as I work on the next big project. I'll be releasing behind-the-scenes videos, updates and more experimental animations on my YouTube channel in the time to come, and then we'll see what comes next. If there were ever to come such a platform on this site to post how-tos and behind the scenes videos on animations posted here, I'd be happy to upload these - even if the material would only be available to supporters or something like that.


Well, I'll be seeing you around! Thanks for having a read!


(PS. I wanted this to be a seperate post, but I can only front-page posts once a week, and the deadline is this Tuesday, so here's just a quick little heads up: For the voice actors out there we're holding auditions for a narrator for a smaller upcoming project. Read more here.)

Posted by Hikarian - April 6th, 2016

Helloooo people of the New Grounds!

How goes, did you survive the Trump take-over? Joking aside, I am finally back with a new animation right around the corner, and so I have returned! Look forward to seeing a brand new episode of Tales of Zale coming to your screens both of YT and NG within this month! Here's a trailer to get you up to speed:


Anyways, believe me- I shall write plenty about that as the time arrives. In the meanwhile I thought I'd let all you creative souls know that we're holding a Fan Art Competition to celebrate this "month of Tales of Zale". There are some prizes and fun to be had, which might interest you!




- More about the contest

- More about Tales of Zale

Posted by Hikarian - February 16th, 2016

Hi all! Tales of Zale episode 2 is on it's way, and on that occasion we're looking for a couple of people to join the team: An animator/artist to give minisode 3 their spin and a sound designer to help out with Episode 2. Now I won't bother you with too long of a wall of text- instead I'll direct you to this page where you can find all the details: http://sifps.dk/jobs.html


Here's episode 1 in case you're not caught up:


Posted by Hikarian - August 11th, 2015

Greetings people of the New Grounds!

It's been a while, mostly because Tales of Zale episode 2 is taking quite a bit to make. But today I bring you a new series from me in the meanwhile; The Animation Spotlight!

In each of these (hopefully monthly) installments I'll be featuring a professional animation, a student animation and an independant artist on the internet that could use some more exposure - because there are so many awesome animations out there that I wish more people knew of!

I'm currently in the middle of putting together my picks for the next episode, and I'm taking suggestions! What animations and artists do you think I should feature?

But there's also another reason I come to the Newgrounds community, and that's because I'd also like to make a NG-centered episode soon, featuring artists from this site only. But I've been a bit out of the loop for a while, so I think it'd be only fair to ask more regular Newgrounders what artists you think could use a feature. Of course the format will be changed a bit for this purpose- the number won't be limited to just 3 animations- so don't be afraid to suggest away!!


A few guidlines:

*This is an "Animation Spotlight", so animations/animators only (apoligies to all the other awesome artists out there)

*The artists have to have been active in one way or another within the last year or so.

*No parody-content, as those animations usually have more options when it comes the aquiring audience.

Posted by Hikarian - May 1st, 2015

Hi people of the New Grounds!

Just dropping in real quick to let you know that a new animation of mine, FlowerTail & HoneyBee is now up here on Newgrounds.


I'm also putting together a Q&A video right now, so do drop on by and ask a question in the comment section of this video below and I might just address it! Whatever's on your heart~



Other than that I'm hard at work at Tales of Zale episode 2 right now. It's gonna take a while, but it'll be great!


Hope you have a nice day!

Posted by Hikarian - February 12th, 2015

Hello people of the New Grounds!




So, where to start—Yeah, Tales of Zale episode 1 is finally out - on NG! This has been a BIG passion project of mine and continues to be so as work continues on episode 2. Have a watch if you haven’t already, I really hope you enjoy!


Fortunately I wasn’t quite alone on this, especially when it comes to the audio-side of things, and I can only recommend checking out the people who contributed on this part’s websites and take a look at what else they do- you’re in for a lot of quality stuff! The very talented voice actors put a great amount of effort into their roles as well, it was absolutely great!

Speaking of that, the sound designers Nick Standing and Mackubin Owens have released a behind the scenes video of their work with the sound design in ToZ. Have a look.

The composer, Matthew Pablo who made all of the music in ToZ from scratch to the animation itself will be releasing a bit of a behind the scenes video as well soon.


I myself will of course not go without doing some BTS as well. This Saturday, 1pm EST I’ll be lives streaming, showing off how I created the visuals of episode 1 and answering any questions that may come my way. The stream will be taking place here: https://new.livestream.com/accounts/3659352/events/3804965





Next weekend, February 20-21 I am going to be attending a convention called J-POP CON. The con takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark (yeah, that’s all the budget can muster at the moment), and I’ll have a table in the artist alley where I’ll be drawing commissions and selling merchandise. If you are in the area, do drop on by; as allways you’ll be able to recognize me on my brown cap—and the fact that I am sitting in the artist alley selling stuff related to my animations.





That brings me to another thing that I’ve had in the works: DVDzz! Since I’ll be attending a convention I was looking into what kind of stuff I would be able to sell while there. T-shirts didn’t really do it for me – designing those is an art in itself. Instead I’ve decided to put together some DVDs with my animations on, and let me tell you it’s looking really cool.

The DVDs contain 54 minutes of my classic animations in the categories “Tales of Zale”, “Tournament Animations” and “Experimental Animations”. Additionally I made a commentary, talking about ToZ and my tournament animations, and along with that you’ll find some never before released animations, finished and unfinished as well as some cool animatics.


Now, I know that not everyone is able to attend this convention, so I’ve decided to sell the DVD’s on my website as well for a limited amount of time. Have a look if you’re interested: http://sifps.dk/store.html (They’ll of course be signed too.)





Voice acting auditions are right now open for the characters appearing in Tales of Zale episode 2. There aren’t that many roles to go about this time around, but have a look if you’re a VA, there might be something for you!





I am right now looking for artists and animators to join me in the work on Tales of Zale episode 2 and some minisodes. For more info on that, visit my website: http://sifps.dk/become-associated.html (I’ll definitely make that page look better at a later point, but for now I think you’ll get the jest).

There’s room for both people who are able to copy my style as well as for people who have a very distinct style of their own.

The work isn’t paid, this project isn’t profitable in any sense of the word at this point, but it’s an experience, and you of course aren’t forced to produce so and so much in a certain amount of time- it’s just for those that want to lend a hand whenever they can. Give it a look, I’d love to collaborate with more artists.





Another way to contribute is fan art. I thought I’d mention that. At the end of ToZ episode 1 I featured some different fan art, and I’d very much like to make that a reoccuring thing. So if you end up drawing the characters or the universe, be sure to put it up on Twitter and Tumblr with #talesofzale or send it to me at toz@sifps.dk , and it just might be shown in the next episode!




Okay, I think that’s about it! I’d hoped to be able to post this in form of an update video rather than a long wall of text, but that video has been delayed a bit due to a persistent cold. So this will just have to do!


All the best from here and have a great day!

- Sif


Edit: Here's the update in video format!


Posted by Hikarian - January 8th, 2015

Tales of Zale is the story of a young fox named Zale, and his best friend, the barn owl Elva, as they explore a world in which humans are long gone. Along the way they will meet many other animals; some with good intentions, others not so much.


3 years after the pilot episode's release, Tales of Zale is finally coming back. With a new look and lots of work and passion put into this project I look forward to releasing the very first episode this January 29th onto YouTube, and to Newgrounds soon enough as well. Today I released the trailer, so do check it out:



Ohhh, and towards the end I'll be showing off some cool fan art! So do keep your eyes peeled for that as well. Additions are always welcome though. I thought I'd remember to mention that to this awesome creative community.


See you soon!



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