Female voice actor needed!

2013-04-05 16:39:10 by Hikarian

Well met, people of the New Grounds!

About 4 days ago the open round of the Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation began. I always think it's fun to take up the challenge of creating an animation from scratch in the matter of 3 weeks, and so I've decided to enter again this year.

For the script I've written I am going to need one female voice actor as the storyteller, preferably with a medium/light voice. This voice actor will (as an adult) be presenting the story, and to a degree act in it as a smaller girl.

So, audition is up, feel very free to leave a VA demo reel here or send me a pm if you believe you are up for the task. Time is of course of the essence, so I am going to be choosing someone within the upcoming week. The script is ready, further details will follow, once I've found the voice actor.

Thank you and have a good day :)

Female voice actor needed!


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2013-04-05 17:16:17

Good luck with that. ^^

Hikarian responds:



2013-04-05 20:02:14

Have you posted of your need in the Audio section of the BBS?
Really hope production goes smoothly :)

Hikarian responds:

Thanks for the tip, I haven't - Think I'll keep it simple for now though :)


2013-04-05 20:37:32

If you have trouble finding voice actors through Newgrounds, voiceactingalliance.com can be a good alternative source of voice actors. I recommend just doing both so you have the largest pool of sample clips from people as possible.

Good luck! I really look forward to seeing how you progress through the tourney!


2013-04-05 22:03:35

Dammit penis!! You always get in the way of my success. >:/


2013-04-06 00:21:05

Have you tried putting up a posting on the collabinator? c:
Maybe flipping through some postings would point you to the right person.

http://www.newgrounds.com/collab/browse/artist /voice_actor/1

P.S: I'm a girl, but as for the whole voice acting ability/light voice, I got nothin' for ya. Sorry...! :(


2013-04-06 12:09:51

How about Hnilmik?


2013-04-06 15:56:30

I am a dude there for I could not do this but I have a female friends that would love to be a voice. would you like me to have one of them try out?