Draculine Verde - NATA

2013-07-13 15:19:14 by Hikarian

Greetings, people of the New Grounds!

The time has once again come for me to write a little post about my latest animation, titled Draculine Verde. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping away, so it'll just be a quick update before I go out there and enjoy that nice weather, which doesn't last very long around these parts.

So yeah, I recently made a new animation for the Pro Round of the Newgrounds Annual Tournament of Animation 2013, called Draculine Verde. The theme for this round was "Your own reflection", so I tried to work around that on a few different levels.
Now, I was a bit unlucky with this animation on a few different points, one being me having some trouble with the stylus for my pen tablet, another being exams and work getting in the way. I feel like the work process has gone a bit downhill from my open round entry, but at the very least my tournament scores have gone up. This round I was up against ButzboPrud and MrColeman321 who both brought some very strong entries to the table. With an end score on 92 points I did however make it to the finals - Whooo!!

Thank you to Codeblackhayate and Ricepirate who lend me their voices on this project, and were able to deliver so very quickly.

I am kind of considering making a commentary for this and some of my other animations to answer a few questions and such when I get the time... I just can't quite decide wether I want to put it on my main youtube channel or make a secondary one for that kind of stuff...

For this next round I'll be a bit busy, doing a script and storyboard for a 10-episoded series that I am going to direct later this year. Of course it IS summer vacation, so I should be able to manage just like I usually manage having school around - My challenge will be to keep my "creative mojo" up as much as I can while working on this final round animation and at the same time having other work to do.
I'll be up against Pahgawkin this round, which is kind of fun, since I was beaten in the first round in last years NATA by this very animator. I do hope I've improved enough since then to be able to put up a fight!

...I'll leave you guys with that last year's first round NATA animation.

Hikarian out - Enjoy your summer!


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2013-07-13 17:03:52

its insane how all the animators improved so much after this nata nonsense. ok its not nonsense but yeah, good luck out ther


2013-07-13 20:26:30

Just use your main channel . Also ... GO GUUURRLL !


2013-07-13 20:42:23

Simply love your work, Hikarian!
Congrats on making it into the finals- Best of luck with your upcoming series!


2013-07-13 22:52:14

Can always count on Hikarian for that traditional style goodness!


2013-07-14 11:22:13

Yeah, this year's tourney has been more than impressive. I look forward to commentary: It's sort of like the 'special features' in a movie, after you've watched it. I think it'd be neat... you probably won't need a separate channel for it, though?


2013-07-14 22:05:17

ah... its nice to see new movies from my favorite animators. ^^ i look forward to more.


2013-08-27 13:29:16

You always find a way to spark my imagination or touch my heart with your work. I really enjoyed your last animation, "Little Merry Ego". Looking forward to whatever it is you have coming out next. :)