FlowerTail & HoneyBee out now -- also Q&A..!

2015-05-01 16:06:19 by Hikarian

Hi people of the New Grounds!

Just dropping in real quick to let you know that a new animation of mine, FlowerTail & HoneyBee is now up here on Newgrounds.


I'm also putting together a Q&A video right now, so do drop on by and ask a question in the comment section of this video below and I might just address it! Whatever's on your heart~



Other than that I'm hard at work at Tales of Zale episode 2 right now. It's gonna take a while, but it'll be great!


Hope you have a nice day!


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2015-05-01 18:33:29

Well, I can't wait to see and the best of luck to ya!


2015-05-01 18:33:57

Also forgot to ask, what inspires you to do the work you do?


2015-05-02 01:01:23



2015-05-03 14:14:31

Awesome, awesome. Will be a waiting :D


2015-05-30 03:46:48

Waiting on tales of Zale 2! It's sure to be awesome! =D


2015-07-15 09:12:46

Aaaand reading the comments there's almost no real questions xD
Since it is probably your 1st Q&A here's the special crazy-FAQ pack:

What material do you use ?
What program(s) do you like for digital painting ?
Do you also do traditional drawing and/or painting ?
Which traditional style and thechnique do you like the most ?
How much time do you need to paint a finished image ?

WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOOOME ???!!! (noobish fan's favourite question xD)
What inspires you ? (already asked)
What motives you to work countless hours on your animations ?
How old are you, as an artist ? (it's up to you to interpret this one ^^)

Is there something really important you always wanted to create, but wait because you still have not (in your own opinion) the skills or good enough conditions to make it real ? If no, was there something like that in the past ?

Are you from an art school or self-taught ?
How works your collabs with musicians and voice actors ?
Isn't not hard to work in/as a team on a big project ?

The Art inquisition:

Skill or Technique ?
Motivation or Diligence ?
Rainbow or Monochrome ?
Brush or Pencil ?
Novel book or Comic book ?
Portrait or Landscape ?
Intuos or Cintiq ?
Organised or Messy ?
Traditional or Digital ?
Bored or Inspired ?

Ok, I did my best to not transform it in a complete interview, now it's up to other commenters to add new questions... @_@

I wish you best luck for your "Tales of Zale" series, it's good to see talented pepole working on such uplifting works of art still around. ^^