The Animation Spotlight! Who should I feature next?

2015-08-11 10:34:50 by Hikarian

Greetings people of the New Grounds!

It's been a while, mostly because Tales of Zale episode 2 is taking quite a bit to make. But today I bring you a new series from me in the meanwhile; The Animation Spotlight!

In each of these (hopefully monthly) installments I'll be featuring a professional animation, a student animation and an independant artist on the internet that could use some more exposure - because there are so many awesome animations out there that I wish more people knew of!

I'm currently in the middle of putting together my picks for the next episode, and I'm taking suggestions! What animations and artists do you think I should feature?

But there's also another reason I come to the Newgrounds community, and that's because I'd also like to make a NG-centered episode soon, featuring artists from this site only. But I've been a bit out of the loop for a while, so I think it'd be only fair to ask more regular Newgrounders what artists you think could use a feature. Of course the format will be changed a bit for this purpose- the number won't be limited to just 3 animations- so don't be afraid to suggest away!!


A few guidlines:

*This is an "Animation Spotlight", so animations/animators only (apoligies to all the other awesome artists out there)

*The artists have to have been active in one way or another within the last year or so.

*No parody-content, as those animations usually have more options when it comes the aquiring audience.


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2015-08-11 11:46:25

My man @dylan might fit right up this alley. Also, @noiserover isn't swimming in worldwide fame and that's just a damn shame.

Hikarian responds:

It sure is! Thanks for the suggestions!


2015-08-11 13:08:25


Hikarian responds:

Thanks for the suggestion!


2015-08-11 22:32:58



2015-08-11 22:34:02

I mean @gerkinman, he has way too many usernames.

(Updated ) Hikarian responds:

Underappreciated definitely. But I might be a bit late on that front - didn't he completely stop making web-based content?


2015-08-12 20:34:22

Very cool idea Sif! I recommend featuring Stejkrobot. His work is way to under appreciated

Hikarian responds:

Hey thanks! Certainly, just like *quite a few other NATA-participants I know*. I wonder if he's still making stuff for the web 'n such?


2015-08-14 15:35:09

I wouldn't say I have finished making online content, but I am trying to move away from short form web for a large number of reasons. I am working on a game and am making a series of very small animated trailers to help promote it, but outside of those I am taking a break from short films for a few years. I think the spot is better deserved by someone else, perhaps someone like @blordow, @felixcolgrave or @butzboprud. :)

Hikarian responds:

Ah alrighty, wasn't quite sure! Looking forward to the game then - and thanks for the suggestions!


2015-08-14 20:46:59

Great to see you're working in this spotlight series, I'll be keeping an eye on these!
On the theme of NATA animators, I would also include @oryozema ; also, I think of some animators who haven't been as active here lately but had a cool Newgrounds phase like @felixcolgrave and @theboogley.
(Thanks @Gerkinman! :) )

Hikarian responds:

Thanks Butz! And good suggestions : )