Looking collaboration partners- Animator & Sound designer

2016-02-16 19:54:27 by Hikarian

Hi all! Tales of Zale episode 2 is on it's way, and on that occasion we're looking for a couple of people to join the team: An animator/artist to give minisode 3 their spin and a sound designer to help out with Episode 2. Now I won't bother you with too long of a wall of text- instead I'll direct you to this page where you can find all the details: http://sifps.dk/jobs.html


Here's episode 1 in case you're not caught up:



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2016-02-16 21:33:10

oh man, lovin that collaborative theme. i think i mentioned last time we talked that i'm booked solid with a gig through early-mid march, but if you still haven't found the right person by then i'd be happy to lend my style to toz


2016-02-16 21:54:38

If you need some music, don't be afraid to use my auditory diarrhea :P


2016-02-16 23:11:59

i'm really interested in perhaps helping you animate this. however if not, i can certainly contribute some background art if you'd like. feel free to look through my portfolio here on NG, expect an email from me, adios!


2016-02-17 09:39:01

Why hello,
I'm adoring the first episode. It seems so well developed and animated. I would LOVE to collaborate with you on this project as a 'Sound Designer.' I hope you can take my comment into consideration and contact me by messaging me on this website. I hope we can work together and hope to catch your attention.

So much admiration,
-Harvey :)