Tales of Zale EP 2 - Fan Art Competition!

2016-04-06 15:56:20 by Hikarian

Helloooo people of the New Grounds!

How goes, did you survive the Trump take-over? Joking aside, I am finally back with a new animation right around the corner, and so I have returned! Look forward to seeing a brand new episode of Tales of Zale coming to your screens both of YT and NG within this month! Here's a trailer to get you up to speed:


Anyways, believe me- I shall write plenty about that as the time arrives. In the meanwhile I thought I'd let all you creative souls know that we're holding a Fan Art Competition to celebrate this "month of Tales of Zale". There are some prizes and fun to be had, which might interest you!




- More about the contest

- More about Tales of Zale


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2016-04-06 16:30:54

What can I say, but that I'm looking forward to the new episode!

Wish I had the talent or time to take part in the competition too...


2016-04-06 17:45:25

I'm afraid I'm going to give the competition a miss, but you'll see my name pretty soon. ^_-


2016-04-07 19:33:57

I wanna baseball cap for that. :3


2016-04-14 19:38:48

Could I try my best to make a song and maybe use the music when you feature the fanart? :3
I can't draw, but I would love to contribute.

Hikarian responds:

That is also a welcome media - I can't guarentee that I'd be ablet to feature it in the end credits of ep2, but it's welcome in the competition, and you'll still have the chance of winning some of the other pizes or of having it shown in one of the news videos : )