Tales of Zale Month has reached its conclusion!

2016-05-01 17:49:25 by Hikarian

Good day people of the New Grounds, how are you?

What a month it’s been. April, which I’ve dubbed “Tales of Zale Month” sure has been a blast. You may have noticed, or you may not, but a lot of ToZ-stuff has been going around these past 30 days, celebrating the release of Episode 2 – which has now made it’s way to Newgrounds, just now, go watch it!!

Anyways, just to get ya'll up to speed, this is what's been going down: Every Friday the ToZ project members and myself have been streaming, and addition to that I've been making weekly follow-up videos. A fan-art competition has also been going on, where I've been recieving lots of amazing art from fans across the world. The results for that one will be announced this Thursday. This has all been build around the releases of weekly Tales of Zale animations that you might have noticed around Newgrounds as well. And to conclude it all is the canon continuation of the series.

Tales of Zale - Episode 2:


Tales of Zale - Minisode 3 by @dylan



Tales of Zale - Minisode 2


Anita Tang Tales of Zale - Minisode 1



There are so many people who have done an amazing job helping out on these project, and not enough time to name them all. But I'll try my best in a video to be released this Tuesday. It's really been an amazing ride.

If you're interested in seeing more, you can help out by sharing these videos around - and if you want to stay up to date there are a few options:

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...As you can see I'm really trying my best with the PR this time around. Might as well when you've been working so long on a project, right?

I'd also like to take a quick moment to say, that despite the number of YouTube links in this post, I am so glad to be back on Newgrounds again. I haven't had a lot of Newgrounds-material to upload for quite a while, so I'd come to take it a bit for granted - but this site still feels so alive to me and I hope it stays that way. This really is the crib of creativity on the Internet, and continues to play a big role in my life as an animator. Many of the people I've collaborated with on this project were people I met on here. Now I'm probably gonna go quiet for a while again as I work on the next big project. I'll be releasing behind-the-scenes videos, updates and more experimental animations on my YouTube channel in the time to come, and then we'll see what comes next. If there were ever to come such a platform on this site to post how-tos and behind the scenes videos on animations posted here, I'd be happy to upload these - even if the material would only be available to supporters or something like that.


Well, I'll be seeing you around! Thanks for having a read!


(PS. I wanted this to be a seperate post, but I can only front-page posts once a week, and the deadline is this Tuesday, so here's just a quick little heads up: For the voice actors out there we're holding auditions for a narrator for a smaller upcoming project. Read more here.)


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2016-05-01 18:07:09

It's been very exciting and fun to have all these nice animations coming out. :)

Really liked how each animator injected their style into each minisode, and the actual Tale itself was great! ^_^

Great job! And thanks for making it particularly fun month!