Tales of Zale continues! Patreon and more...

2016-09-01 17:01:30 by Hikarian

Hello dear Newgrounders, how goes?

As to not completely lose presence on this site I thought I'd provide a little update while I'm hard at work on Tales of Zale Episode 3. To keep things short and simple; this is going to be a big one!

Diverting from the usual 6-minute format this upcoming episode will be 10 minutes long and act as a short on its own while also advancing the plot of the series. Who knows if I'll be able to continue the series in the same way that I have so far after this, so might as well make it grand!

Taking some measures to increase the quality of the production I've at long last decided to set up a Patreon page. I've long been hesitant about doing this, especially given that I share audience with many other amazing animators making use of the same platform - but for this production it seemed just right. If you're interested you're very welcome to go over there and make a pledge, or share the word around - and thank you for the support no matter what.

If it goes well I hope to be able to hire a couple of other artists to join me on this production, all adding to the quality and speed of the production. And if it doesn't I might at the very least be able to pay the amazing people who have lend their talent to Tales of Zale out of sheer passion, even if just a little bit. Bahh, money-- enough about that.


As for what's happening right now I am currently in the storyboarding phase of ToZ episode 3 and having a blast with that! It really is the season of storyboarding, cause while I'm doing this I'm releasing the animatics for the previous episodes bit by bit. So that might be something to look out for if you're interested in some behind the scenes stuff!


With that little update I'll leave you all for now. I'm very much looking forward to bringing episode 3 to Newgrounds when the time arrives - in the meanwhile, cheers!



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2016-09-02 01:02:25

That's a fucking beautiful update :) Can't wait I'm hyped keep at it m :^)