Looking for male voice actors! Tales of Zale EP 3

2016-09-24 16:40:32 by Hikarian

Hi Newgrounds, how are you doing??

I'll keep it brief this time around: Tales of Zale Episode 3 is in production and I'm looking for two male voice actors to take on the role of bison and barn owl. If you're interested, check out the audtion details here: http://sifps.dk/episode-3-audition.html

In other news another Behind The Scenes (animatic) video was released today:

Aaand people can now support the continuation of the series via Patreon!


That's all for now - stay coolio.

- Sif


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2016-09-24 22:09:04

I may audition for this. Good look on getting the parts cast!


2016-09-25 01:44:26

I'll give it a try, fam.