Entry #30

I'm an Animation Nerd - Documentary Segment

2016-12-19 19:33:19 by Hikarian

I participated in a Danish documentary over the summer, called "Nørd Livet". The documentary is about young passionate people following their dreams and is to be broadcast on national television sometime 2017. Pretty sure I also mentioned Newgrounds and NATA in some of all the footage we filmed, so who knows? Maybe this site will get a shout-out depending on how they edit the whole thing.


All the best!

- Sif


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2016-12-19 19:51:24



2016-12-20 12:30:37

What a coincidence, I didn't know you had an account here! I was just watching your TV Paint tutorials. You're videos are great Hikarian, keep doin' you.


2016-12-20 20:14:01

Very interesting and great!

Good luck!